Just another kind of adventure

Central Park, NY

Central Park, NY

For over a year I have talked to a few people about starting a blog, and as you can see with this, my first blog post, I have finally accepted the challenge.  Well, life has taken another turn, I’ve had to swerve again, but as I often do, I am landing on my feet standing tall.  I decided, that part of this recent swerve would be to finally put all the words that bound around my head on to paper (or web) and share.  I am here to share my life, my adventures, my experiences with you the online world.  I have finally gotten over the fear of not knowing what I’m doing and I just jumped.  To be fair, I just jump often in life.  I travel solo, I go to unknown places without backup, I cross the street and sometimes forget to look both ways.  A number of friends have given me great credit for just jumping, and secretly (or I guess now not so secretly) those are some of the biggest compliments I have ever been given.  So now I hope you follow me along this new journey as I venture, again, in to the world of freelancing, of traveling, of running and keeping fit, of figuring out my life and the new direction this latest swerve will point me.  Stay tuned and I’ll update you on my many travels of the past year, the adventures, the experiences, the first races I’ve run and my grand plans for 2014 and beyond!

Please share back your travels, races, experiences, adventures and grand plans so we can share in the excitement and accomplishments together!  Show me your #viewfromthewindow pictures, your race medals, your inspiring souvenirs, your achievements and together we will go anywhere and everywhere our dreams will take us.


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